Upcoming Gigs

Thursday 26th July 2013 = Nottingham
Saturday 10th August 2013 = Manchester
Saturday 7th September 2013 = London

Many things have been missed.


2011/12 Gigs Played already

Sunday 9th January – Southampton -The Hobbit: Abutter
Tuesday 18th January – Hove – The Iron Duke: Aorta Of A Century
Saturday 22nd Janaury – Hackney Wick – Elevator Gallery (Private Performance)
Friday 28th January – Brighton – The Farm – (DYM Obviously): A lot ofp op/ And his tights laddered
Friday 28th January – Tottenham – Tottenham Chances: Auntie Climax
Wednesday 3rd February – Hove – The Iron Duke: Autopsy
Saturday 12th February – Hackney Wick – Elevator Gallery (Sonic Wrestling Night): Alf Nelson
Thursday 17th February – Nottingham: Arachny
Friday 25th February – Tottenham – Tottenham Chances: And Your Friends Know
Friday 11th March – Hackney Wick – Elevator Gallery (A-Fest): Anonymity & Artlessness
Friday March 25th – London – Exploding Cinema
Tuesday March 29th – London – Bermondsy Art Centre
5th April – Sydney
Saturday 16th April – Brighton – Hectors House – Splittin’ The Atom III – Amorphous Freak Franchise
Saturday 23rd July – Brighton – Hanover Community Centre – “The Great Gig In The Sky” – Amy Winehouse Is Dead
Friday-Sunday 19th-21st August – Angels & Faliens – Oxfordshire – Braziers Park – Supernormal Festival –
Saturday 3rd September – Aquatics – In The Sea (Brighton, Blackpool & elsewhere)
Sunday 11th September- Admin – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton (Verity, Karl, Chris Parkinson)
Tuesday 20th December – Abandon – at the Farm, Hove (Kev, Dolly, Jonas, Sharen, Felix, Verity, Karl, Chloe, Ben, Shanna & Marcus)
4th February 2012 at Sound Art Radio, Dartington
Aunty Pele – Horseplay Brighton
10th April 2012 – Avians (Simon, Karl, Dolly, Kev, Verity, Andrea, Emu, Geo, Hope, Henry and Becky. ) – Green Door Store – Brighton
13th May – Hoxton Underbelly

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  1. Berwinda Gavin says:

    This is to vincent earimal you bother John Blackwell is trying to find you. Please reply

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